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  1. 2019 Thesis Finalist:Hunter Walker - Bringin' SeXY Back- Why Gender Should Be Grounded In Biology

    Gender must be understood with a biological foundation rather than purely a social construct since that very biology is responsible for distinct behavior and tendencies among men and women. Moreover, since most people are born into a binary sex, gender needs to reflect the truth of this reality rather than socially constructed ideas to match people’s hopes. Only basing gender on a social construct blurs the lines between genders, risking the loss of gender altogether.

  2. 2019 Thesis Winner: Zach Smith - Tell It Slant- Why Political Opinions Are A Critical Comp Of Political Reporting & Journalism

    The press’s incorporation of political opinions in the news is a vital piece of political journalism because these opinions help viewers to better engage with the news and equip voters with the tools they need to better understand the political issues in the country. In order to preserve their integrity as journalists and effectively serve their purpose of accurately informing the American voter, the press needs to diversify its political opinions.

  3. 2018 Thesis Winner: Carly Richardson:Don’t Get FED Up:Why the Federal Government Should Be the Sole Enforcer of Immigration L

    City government and police should not be threatened with fiscal punishment regarding their lack of enforcement of federal immigration law. Instead, the federal government should be the sole enforcer of illegal immigration, providing cities the freedom to do what is best for their respective communities. By leaving the enforcement of illegal immigration to the federal government, cities are provided the freedom to implement laws that allow the economy to flourish and crime rates to drop.

  4. Kailey Cavanaugh -Get Your Head in the Game! Why the NCAA Needs to Mandate Concussion Guidelines and Specific Concussion Testing

    Recent research has shown dangerous long-term effects of concussions on the human brain, so the NCAA’s return-to-play protocol must change in order to ensure the health of football players diagnosed with concussions. The NCAA needs to mandate current guidelines regarding concussion management plans and return-to-play decisions. The NCAA also needs to require that athletes with concussions take at least one cognitive test and one balance test while testing for a baseline as well as for a concussion. Lastly, the NCAA needs to enforce each of these policies in order to increase team accountability.

  5. 2018 Thesis Finalist: Kyle Cox: Turing’s Terrors: An Approach to the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology

    The development of strong AI is likely, because human-level intelligence has proven to be theoretically reproducible by a functionalist philosophy. Given this possibility, it is possible that an intelligence vastly more intelligent than a human, or a superintelligence, will follow the development of strong AI. Consequences of a superintelligence may include global disparity of wealth in AI technology and existential threats to human civilization. Though they are mere possibilities, given the gravity of these consequences, humanity ought to proactively develop a strategy for approaching the development of AI. This strategy should include (1) the embrace of the development of artificial intelligence, with the goal of exploiting its benefits to prepare for future existential technological threats to humanity, and (2) the forming of a global consortiumof academics representing diverse interests to discourage global competition in the race for AI.

  6. 2018 Thesis Finalist: Trey Froehlich- Past the Gas- The Importance of Supporting the Future of Electric Vehicles in America